SOLVE is a custom service for companies who wish to leverage the  full breadth of Intermolecular’s materials development expertise. Intermolecular defines and drives the experimental plan to identify a material solution based on the customer’s requirements.  As needed, our Materials and Device Simulation group can start narrowing the range of areas of interest by using its state-of-the-art materials simulation and modeling tools.

SOLVE uses Intermolecular’s physical vapor deposition (PVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment, designed and built for rapid materials exploration. With Intermolecular’s cluster platforms, material stacks can be deposited and annealed either in-situ (without air exposure) or ex-situ.

SOLVE leverages Intermolecular’s suite of physical, optical, and electrical characterization capabilities.  Intermolecular can also provide some basic test vehicles, such as 2-terminal electrical devices or optical film stacks. Customers may also provide their own device substrates for characterization.

Example:  A customer has specific mechanical and optical requirements for a new material, and wishes to leverage Intermolecular’s combination of know-how, clean room, materials expertise, and equipment to find a viable material.  Intermolecular can design and execute a SOLVE program to select  likely materials candidates, and then proceeds through cycles of depositions and tests of the materials until a solution is found. 



Quick mapping of a materials space


Selected materials exploration


Customer-directed experiments