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Intermolecular Discoveries

Materials innovation is critical to the invention and commercialization of new products required by high-tech applications. Intermolecular Discoveries is a portfolio of proprietary technologies that use our high-throughput experimentation platform to provide an accelerated path to market.

Intermolecular works with customers to identify the Intermolecular Discoveries of interest and tune them for specific applications. Customers have the option to confirm the suitability of the selected technologies for their targeted application on their own test vehicle. Our technical team can also further optimize the licensed technology for your product using our High-Throughput Experimentation platform, and transfer it to your commercial manufacturing facility. 

Intermolecular Discovery, our flagship Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM) technology, is now available for licensing. This disruptive nonvolatile memory technology is ideally suited for stand-alone storage class memory, embedded applications such as IOT, smart cards, and for use as a NOR flash replacement for microcontrollers.

Our ReRAM technical know-how and intellectual property:

-Includes a unit cell comprising multilayers of transition metal oxides and variants between electrodes.

-May be optimized for application-specific device, performance and reliability.

-Provides benefits such as low power operation and improved data retention using a small footprint (6-10F2), manufacturing-friendly materials, and backend of the line (BEOL) compatible thermal budget.