“After considering various options, we chose to work with Intermolecular because of their extensive materials, process, and device expertise. We collaborated as one, and Intermolecular truly committed themselves through a customized program to help solve our material challenges and meet critical milestone dates. Their emphasis on confidentiality, and the fact that the developed intellectual property belonged to us, were other reasons we chose to work with Intermolecular.”

Intermolecular Startup Customer


Delivering on your next milestone

Intermolecular’s R&D services are tailored to deliver on your next milestone to achieve business success, whether it is achieving a proof-of-principle, a first prototype or a small series production. We operate and run experiments 24/7 to keep up with the speed of our clients and to deliver on their ambitious timelines. The solutions we develop are fully owned by our customers, providing you the flexibility you need to steer your business.

Dedicated to work seamlessly with your team in full confidentiality

Our team is dedicated to add the missing parts to your team and your in-house capabilities. Often, we will have some of our clients team working at our facility on a daily or weekly basis. In some cases, we will place your tools in our facilities to enable a seamless process flow and a quick turnaround on your innovation cycles. Throughout all of this, our staff and processes ensure that confidentiality of your project is maintained.

Bridging the gap to high volume manufacturing

Our experts help you find solutions that are compatible with processes in high volume manufacturing, so that your business can be scaled up quickly. More so, where needed we can support you to find your partners for high volume manufacturing.

Expertise areas:

Our team of experts has worked on projects in the fields of neuromorphic computing, quantum computing, emerging memories, machine learning & artificial intelligence, thin film batteries and wearables. We would be happy to discuss your project.

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