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Fab & Facility

Intermolecular’s 146,000 square foot facility contains 6,800 square feet of class 100 clean room space, 4,900 square feet of class 1000, and 16,600 square feet of lab space.

Our infrastructure includes two each 16000 cfm wet scrubbed corrosive exhaust with dual fans. Critical health and safety equipment is maintained with a backup 350kw generator. The facility pad supports inert (argon) as well as flammable and toxic gases (hydrogen, Silane, etc.). Nitrogen supply comes from the pipeline. All gases are monitored for cleanliness and have regularly maintained filters and purifiers.  The facility also includes two 510 ton chillers, clean dry air (CDA), deionized water (DIW) as well as 400 gallons per minute process cooling water (PCW). 

Intermolecular has the proven ability to process a wide variety of periodic table elements (Ge, Cu, As, Te, Sn, S, Cd, Zn, etc.) with controls on cross contamination. The certified class 100 clean room is constantly monitored. All process tools are tracked using Statistical Process Control (SPC) for particles as well as contamination. Contamination levels on critical process tools are maintained below top tier customer semiconductor specifications limits. We have semiconductor industry standard backside cleaning and particle measuring tools. 

The facility runs 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. All tools and equipment are operated and maintained by highly skilled, trained, and certified employees.

The clean room and labs contain over 200 processing tools, including Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) tools, IMI patented Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), and Wet Processing tools. Multiple PVD and ALD equipment can be combined for in-situ development

Processing Tools

300mm PVD P-30 Chambers for rapid exploration of advanced materials

  • Multiple-Mode PVD
    • Isolation between spots
    • Gradient mode across large area
    • Uniform mode across large area
  • Rapid Development Pace
    • Mature process and hardware; high reliability, uptime & yield
    • Multiple target combination for materials development
    • In-depth know-how of PVD and co-sputtering
  • Modular and Versatile for Many Applications
    • Robust hardware and process for wide range of materials

300mm ALD A-30 Chambers designed for flexibility

  • Flexible Precursor Delivery Options
    • 4 precursor sources (low vapor solid, liquid and/or DLI)
    • High-temperature delivery
    • Source ampoule (<110C)
    • Delivery lines with multi-zone temp control (<130C)
    • Separate precursor and reactant delivery lines
    • Combinatorial (quadrant-based) or full-wafer processing
    • Axi-symmetric, segmented flow for quadrant based site-isolation
  • Multiple Hardware Configuration Options
    • Thermal configuration
    • Up to 4 user gas options (eg. O2, O3, NH3, H2)
    • Heater Temp:  RT – 600C
    • Cl2 compatible process kit and showerhead options
    • Showerhead temperature (<150C)
    • Pedestal:  Static during process
    • Integrated on 300mm AP-30 cluster platform


Our proprietary informatics system serves as the backbone for integrating experimental process data, characterization results and automated analysis tool. It is designed to automate experiment generation, characterization, data analysis and reporting. This enables efficient and automated experimental design, planning, scheduling and tracking of experimental splits and the associated physical and electrical characterization.

Our platform enables automatic data collection from different R&D equipment, metrology tools and enterprise systems.