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Semiconductor companies face unprecedented challenges in bringing new generations of technologies to market. Demands for products with increased functionality, performance, and reduced power consumption are driving the need for new device structures and materials. As a result, the complexity and cost of performing leading edge R&D is increasing exponentially.

Intermolecular specializes in high-throughput experimentation and characterization of two-terminal devices. Using a combination of physical vapor deposition (PVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD), and high-throughput experimentation, IMI develops and characterizes advanced thin film material stacks targeting specified physical, electrical and/or optical performance.

Intermolecular’s facility offers a wide variety of process and materials. We combine application specific short-loop test vehicles with our Informatics software to automate experimental planning, execution, and data analysis for rapid cycles of learning. Intermolecular also offers materials and device modeling and simulation services to further inform and validate experimental results.

Intermolecular has extensive experience in the design, characterization, and testing of two-terminal devices, including:

-MIM (metal-insulator-metal) capacitors for high performance DRAM capacitors.

-MSM (metal-semiconductor-metal) select elements for advanced non-volatile memory.

-OTS (ovonic threshold switches) select elements for advanced non-volatile memory.

Intermolecular provides design of the optimized materials stack along with physical characterization electrical test data over sufficient process and integration windows. We also offer consulting and wafer processing services to help customers with their scale-up and integration efforts.



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