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Glass & Coatings

Intermolecular offers a range of services to optimize glass coatings in both the architectural and consumer markets.

Advanced low emissivity

Modern low emissivity coatings on architectural glass windows block and reflect heat radiation while allowing visible light to pass. This enables building owners to save energy on heating and cooling building interiors, while still maintaining bright natural illumination.

Intermolecular uses high-throughput physical vapor deposition (PVD) method and advanced optical modeling capabilities to optimize low emissivity coatings for high performance and aesthetics. Intermolecular’s  research and services  on new material systems discovery enable future window coatings with significantly enhanced energy-saving potential and optimal aesthetics.

Switchable window systems for dynamic control of building energy management

Thin film electrochromic materials optimize energy management by allowing windows to be interchanged and adjusted for the illumination and heat load passing through each window. Intermolecular’s high-throughput PVD deposition platform and optical and electrical test suite uses material innovation to enhance thin-film switchable window technology.

Consumer glass products

Scratch resistant protective coatings protect counter top glass, windows, smart phones, or any glass product from mechanical damage due to varying exposure. Intermolecular’s research and materials understanding services on advanced ceramics and alloys will enable new transparent scratch resistant material coatings.

Anti-reflective coatings use optical multi-layer thin film systems to reduce reflection on outdoor and indoor displays. These coatings provide a better user experience while compensating for environmental reflection. IMI’s advanced optical models and high-throughput PVD material exploration methods optimize low reflective coatings.